About the Author

ResonantCrimson's Biography

D. E. Smith, aka ResonantCrimson, is a non-binary writer with over twenty years of experience with the literary craft. Starting their journey of storytelling in 1998, they've been publishing their work online for over fifteen years. With over a decade of professional writing experience, they bring passion, care, and dedication to every story they write, whether for themselves or clients.

Their ultimate love is weaving words to their liking and each story their fingers produce brings them one step closer to their ultimate goal of being published. Their current novel-in-progress, Dangerous Game, is a fantasy & romance story with queer romance as its focus, as having queer representation in their work is extremely important to them, being part of the community themselves.

To work with them, please use the contact form located on this website, and they'll get back to you as soon as possible with a quote.