About the Author

ResonantCrimson's Biography

Dimitri Elijah, aka ResonantCrimson, was born in Eastern Canada. Moving to PEI when they were three, they started their journey of storytelling soon after. Their earliest works were for Canon/OC pairings in various video games & anime.

They started publishing their work online in 2006 when they were 13, but all works from this age no longer exist. Their active FanFiction.net profile was created in 2008, FictionPress in 2013, and Archive of Our Own (AO3) in 2021.. Their earliest published work is found on an old FictionPress profile from 2009.

Dimitri is non-binary and uses they/them pronouns.

Their current project is Dangerous Game, a novel which they've been planning since 2013. They also publish multiple short stories on various platforms, with their most active being Archive of Our Own (AO3). They also publish the odd piece on FanFiction & FictionPress from time to time.

About Dangerous Game
A fantasy & romance novel, it takes place in a world entirely of Dimitri's own creation. The main focus is a slash (male/male) pairing, but various other romances take place, with the focus being LGBTQ+. Below is the synopsis:

Merron Nien and Beherit have known peace for over ten thousand years. Now broken, the fate of the mortal realm rests with Ivo, a human with powers even he doesn't understand, and Cresil, ruler of the demonic realm. Bonds will be tested. Fate will be challenged. Will peace linger on the horizon, or is the future awash in blood?