What is the estimated wait time?

I'm, generally, a fast writer. The wait times listed are approximations; I often finish stories quicker than the allotted time frame. If something happens to delay your commission, I'll be in contact with you.

Why are you more expensive than average?

The price point is for my time, dedication, & passion I put into writing your story. I have over 20 years of writing experience, so combined with the above, this is why my prices are higher than average.

I'm not satisfied with the final piece. Can I have a refund?

I'm sorry, but once you have paid, I do not refund it. I will work with you to fix anything you're not happy with, but please note: After a certain amount of changes - normally three - I start charging 12 USD per additional one.

What does the research fee entail?

It entails reading the entirety of a character's wikipedia page, as well as any other information relevant to the story.

Why do you charge 50% of the agreed final price for private work?

I want to be able to showcase all of my commissions so future clients will be able to see the kind of stories I can write for them. If your piece is private, it is meant for your eyes only; I cannot post it to any of my portfolios.

Are your prices negotiable?

I am more than willing to work with my customers if they have a strict budget.

Why do you not offer refunds?

I do not offer them because I want clients to be 100% sure of commissioning before sending any kind of payment. Plus, I don't want to add anyone to a black or ban list, and this is the best way I know how to ensure so.

What programs do you use to write?

Google Documents, because the nice thing about it is you can catch me writing live!

Why do you only take two slots for The Full Package (5000 Words)?

This is because my time is valuable and limited for writing. If I took multiple 5000 Word commissions, I would barely have time to write my own personal work, as well as clients would be waiting much longer for their piece. It's for my sake as well as yours.

Are you willing to do commercial / ghostwriting commissions?

At this current time, anything I write for you is personal use only. I retain the rights as the original author of the story. In the future, I may offer these services, but not right now.

What am I allowed to do with the story?

If it's an Original or Canon x OC piece, you may post it on toyhou.se - my moniker is the same as this site's name.

You cannot post to sites such as DeviantArt, as I tend to post on these sites myself.

If you have any further questions regarding your rights, please contact me. I'll get back to you as soon as possible.

*This page is subject to change.