Commission Prices

Currency, Prices, and More


All prices for purchases that occur in the U.S, Canada, or Internationally are stated in United States Dollar (USD).


Short Story (1500 Words): 90 USD

Happy Medium (3000 Words): 160 USD

The Full Package (5000 Words): 270 USD


Research: Starts at 10 USD.

The research fee is applied when extensive research must be conducted to write your story properly and to the best of my ability. It’s generally applied to fandom work where I’m unfamiliar with the source material. This fee may be waived if heavy detail is not a requirement, but it is up to me whether I choose to do so.

Private Work: 50% of agreed final price.

Need your piece for your eyes only for any reason? This fee applies to the agreed final price of any commission. Privacy is ideal for folks who have private characters or wish for their piece to not be published on public platforms for any reason.

Edits: 12 USD per edit.

Editing during the writing process is free - I provide a google documents link as soon as I start, and any edits you need done during this process are free of charge. However, after the story is completed, if you need more than three edits on the final piece, this charge is applied to each edit after the third.

Additional Fees

If additional fees apply, they will be discussed with you.

Purchase Policy

This purchase policy ("Policy") describes how Website Operator ("Website Operator", "we", "us" or "our") interacts with you ("User", "you" or "your") during a purchase on the website and any of its products or services (collectively, "Website" or "Services").

It also describes the choices available to you during the purchase process. This Policy does not apply to the practices of companies that we do not own or control, or to individuals that we do not employ or manage.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask!


Short Stories and Happy Medium are available at all times. The Full Package is taken by slots.

How this works: There are two slots available for The Full Package. Once they're taken, there are no other slots available until both are completed. If you wish to be put on a waiting list for it, please contact me via my Discord server and I'll put you on the list.

Can Do


Original Content & FanFiction

Canon x OC, Canon x Canon, OC x OC

BL & GL & Hetero

Triads & Polyamorous Relationships

Age Gaps (max. 15 Years, min. age of 18)

Can't Do

Shota & Pedophilia


Weight Gain

Scat & Watersports & Farts

*NSFW is done under special circumstances. Please reach out if you would like to order NSFW.

Payment Methods

Full payment is required, but payment plans are acceptable for The Full Package.

Payment Plans: Half must be paid now and half within a week. Longer time may be given for trusted clients. Please note the following: I will not be able to refund the first half if you decide you're no longer able to pay for the commission. For this reason, ensure you're able to pay the full amount for asking for a payment plan.

I accept PayPal. For PayPal payments, a link will be given for your and my convenience.


I do not offer refunds on any kind of payment sent, including half. Why is this? With half payments, I complete half of the commission, then finish when the second half of payment is sent. For this reason, please ensure you're able to commit to the commission before sending any payment.

*Prices and policy subject to change.